An Illuminating Novel of Great Immediacy

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Sometimes Brilliant, Always Illuminating

Larry Brilliant, M.D., M.P.H., a pioneering physician, hippie, tech innovator, philanthropist and key player in the eradication of one of the worst pandemics in human history, talks about “Bending the arc...READ MORE

Are Migrants an Economic Powerhouse?

Claudia Romo Edelman has spent the last 20 years successfully working on humanitarian concerns, advocating for human rights and advancing equality globally. She is a Mexican-Swiss diplomat, a special advisor...READ MORE

The Evangelical World Explained

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Who Wants to Prevent Mass Extinction and Human Suffering?

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Tyranny and the Damage to Truth

What is it like to grow up in a world where truth is the most dangerous enemy? How would you perform in the moments just before your execution? What would...READ MORE

Can We Prevent Mass Violence by Understanding Motive?

Utah Poet Laureate, Paisley Rekdal’s most recent work, The Broken Country: On Trauma, Crime and the Continuing Legacy of Vietnam, is an ethical remembering in the sense of French Philosopher, Paul Ricouer. Rekdal...READ MORE

How to Save Our Planet in Six Acts

When discussing global warming and climate change arguing and trying to convince people of our position rarely if ever works. Our positions often get tangled up with our personal identities. Shared interests...READ MORE

What We Need to Know About Russian Power

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Can America Find Its Way Back to a Place of Integrity?

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Does Morality Have a True North?

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Can a Capitalist Socialist’s Time Management Skills Save the World?

Technology Entrepreneur, Jim Estill is the author of two books, Time Leadership: Lessons from a CEO and Zero to $2Billion: The Marketing and Branding Story Behind the Growth. He is also a successful investor,...READ MORE

What Can One Soul Do to Change American Politics for the Better?

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Who’s Afraid of President Trump?

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What Would Buddha Say About Our Free Market Economy?

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Vietnam and The Long Goodbye

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A Former Soldier’s Battle with PTSD, Identity and Place

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Louise Steinman and the Crooked Mirror

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Traveling Emergency Room Physician Dr. Meeta Patel

Dr. Patel is a traveling Emergency Room Physician. She has traveled to India and Uganda to provide relief for underserved children and medical support to the underserved with Project Helping...READ MORE