28 Aug 2018

Are Migrants an Economic Powerhouse?

Claudia Romo Edelman has spent the last 20 years successfully working on humanitarian concerns, advocating for human rights and advancing equality globally. She is a Mexican-Swiss diplomat, a special advisor to the United Nations and the founder of the We Are All Human Foundation, as well as the co-host of its podcast, Global GoalsCast.

As of late, she has rebranded herself and her mission. Her new position is what I’d call, Humanitarian Chief Marketing Officer; and she has set about spreading the truths governing  migration and rebranding the image of Hispanics and Latinos in America.

Edelman likes to deal in facts; and the fact is, salsa is outselling ketchup, tortillas are the new white bread and brown is soon to be the new white. She is intent on waking the sleeping giant that is soon to be the new middle class.

Some starter facts: A person who doesn’t live in their home country of origin for more than a year is a migrant. There are approximately 255 million migrants around the world. Migrants, 5% of the population world wide, generate more than 9% of the GDP globally – that’s more than seven trillion dollars yearly! Migrants spend 85% of that income in-house and send 15%  back to their home countries, producing a  600 billion dollar windfall – a huge contributor to global foreign aid.

With extensive experience as a marketer for social causes, packaging and promoting challenging and complicated products like poverty, hunger, aids as super attractive issues, she has set her sights on repackaging and promoting  the reality of the incredible Hispanic community and its major acquisition power, currently not accurately represented in media and government.

Edelman is a  mindshifter, shifting mindsets from perception to reality and forecasting the future, “The issue of equity, inclusion and diversity is going to be essential to America in these next years.” She is creating content and changing the narrative one story at a time. She believes humanity is a muscle – it can be exercised and trained – the world just needs to get pumping.



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