4 Oct 2018

Reignite Your Sensuality and Spark Up Your Sex Life

Surrounded by lifestyle and self-help porn, and a constant pressure to thrust forward, our coping mechanisms utilize all our available energy. However, if we can learn to meet life where it is from an open aspect, our energy is freed up. When we are in “go mode”  getting things done, we use our energy reserves and squeeze energy up and forward – clenched jaw, tight shoulders, headaches, buzzing in the head, while the lower body is parked and literally not turned on.

Listening to Michaela Boehm talk about her recent book, The Wild Woman’s Way: Unlock Your Full Potential for Pleasure, Power and Fulfillment is like a warm hug, a clever cup of tea and a sprinkle of magic dust that will make everything more than okay. Her book explores the plight of the modern woman, urging all of us to notice our “textures” and recognize our “flavors” rather than molding ourselves into someone we are not. She teaches simple techniques; so we can avoid caving into outside pressure and become who we are truly meant to be.

Michaela Boehm is convinced that sexual attraction is easy to find and shares the specifics on how to individuate and create that often elusive sexual spark on demand. Relationships, sex, pleasure activities, community, sensuality, enjoyment and even creativity are heightened.

Boehm deftly explains the simple science around losing sexual attraction when there is a loss of polarity and erotic friction, and the critical distinctions between compatible relationship and sexual attraction. Relationship is based on commonality and sameness; strong sexual attractions is based on polarities.

Through awakening our natural sensing instincts that have accounted for our survival since the beginning of mankind, we become relaxed. Merely by becoming aware of the parts of the body that are habitually clenched, based on science of energy distribution, electrical energy becomes available. Utilizing somatic movement modality that’s designed to release old patterns and trauma in the body in a non force way, allows the body to do what it’s meant to do naturally when not being blocked.

Michaela Boehm knows you can’t force being by doing and she provides the pathways to connecting with our deepest expressions of ourselves and living the most meaningful lives.






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