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The Human Brain from Sea Sponge to CRISPR

Our brains, a masterpiece of complexity or the result of a compilation of random outcroppings? Natural selection, fire, language, survival, community, creative expression and sunlight. Driven by climate change, saved...READ MORE

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How is Your Spiritual Odyssey Going?

Turns out being fully human, maximizing our full potential and opening ourselves up enough to capitalize on the benefits of the full experience of a glorious life can be a...READ MORE

Practicing Forgiveness

Dr. Richard S. Balkin’s new book, Practicing Forgiveness: A Path Toward Healing,¬†presents a new¬† and practical model for forgiveness that guides us down the sometimes difficult path of determining when...READ MORE

An Illuminating Novel of Great Immediacy

“A nuanced, powerful portrait of what it means to be caught in the reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the West Bank. I found myself and my family in the...READ MORE