8 May 2017

Does Morality Have a True North?

If there was a morality pill would you take it? Would it be moral to insist it be forced upon others? Are we born moral creatures, or is morality learned? Is morality situational, relative or absolute? Does it change when our basic survival is threatened? Can our views of morality change in retrospect? Has technology caught up with, or even surpassed, our moral maturity?

Acclaimed author Eden Collinsworth, in her latest book, Behaving Badly: The New Morality in Politics, Sex and Business, explores the state of morality in these unsettled times. Through conversation with the powerful, famous, and obscure, she discovers how we navigate complex moral situations in an increasingly challenging, and ethically flexible, time in history.

Exploring the correlation between character and morality through surprising, remarkable individual stories, Collinsworth adopts a systematic approach, with discussions and interviews with people one wouldn’t expect to speak on these topics ranging from drone strikes to sexuality and fidelity.

After her year of living morality, Collinsworth determines today’s morality is ultimately a personal choice differing on the individual and circumstances. She tells us, “One relies on one’s own moral compass to determine what is right… we will have to hold each other to account… the demographics of the world has changed profoundly… more and more we will walk with those who don’t share our values..” So, we must be prepared.



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