2 Oct 2017

How to Save Our Planet in Six Acts

When discussing global warming and climate change arguing and trying to convince people of our position rarely if ever works. Our positions often get tangled up with our personal identities. Shared interests and informed decisions go out the window when discourse gets heated. Philip Kitcher attempts to bring constructive conversation back.

Global democracy. Hope. Conversation. In this groundbreaking new work, Philip Kitcher and Evelyn Fox Keller transform the debate surrounding climate change and global warming, clarifying some of the most complex issues facing humanity today. Through understandable, constructive conversation they present the realities of climate change and global warming, giving us pause for thought, action and hope in their book, “The Seasons Alter: How to Save Our Planet in Six Acts.”

Kitcher tells us, “If we’re to have a global alliance. If it’s going to be strong enough to win the war against atmospheric carbon… we need to understand how…despite all kinds of differences… many of us share hopes for the human future.” We share this planet; we need to work out an ethical life together. So, let’s get to work.



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