16 Mar 2020

How to Get Unstuck

I have had so many healers, psychics, coaches and counselors tell me that if I could just learn to trust, doors would fly open, not just open for me, but fly! Well, easier said than done. I’m not naturally the trusting type; I’m more the worrying type. So learning to trust has been, and is still, a bit of an ongoing challenge. In spite of the fact that I  have a load of evidence (I keep a “What’s True Notebook”) that things always work out for the best when I trust my  feelings and dependably receive a much less pleasant lesson when ignore my internal guide. Trust is tricky – my sister rightly teases me that I trust the Universe has a plan, I just don’t trust it’s one I’m going to like.

Getting unstuck 101: Tip 2

Trust – Trust what feels right to be right and go with it wherever it leads. This trust I’m talking about isn’t about giving up your power, it’s about owning it. It is not about forgoing science or physical experience to rely on some external mystic psychic knowing – it’s about trusting what feels right for you, wherever you derive that information. That feeling part of you is just as valid as the thinking part, and they are inextricably connected – an equal, not a less than. That feeling part is the epicenter that has collated all of the relevant information from ALL of the available senses and sources – so trust it!



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