13 Mar 2020

How to Get Unstuck

I’ve got a few lists going. I’ve got lists for what I want to be different in my relationships. I’ve got a list for living in my perfect place, a health list, and a list regarding my current state of feeling stuck. On that particular list are the following: I want to find my tribe. I want to use my talents, skills and abilities in a way that’s fun and challenging (in a good way.) I want to be the biggest, most authentic, expression of myself.  When I complain to my sister about being stuck in my most current unpleasant situation, the first thing she says is, “Where is your list?” I’m just now realizing I haven’t looked at my “living in my perfect place list”  in years, no wonder I’m still stuck in the mountains:)

Getting unstuck 101: Tip 1

Make A LIST – Make a list of all the things you want in any of the areas of your life you are feeling stuck. There may be one thing, or it may go on for pages. You might be telling yourself that you don’t know what you want. As true as that feels, it rarely is. Your wants may be buried beneath a big pile of shoulds, should nots, cant’s, wont’s and don’t deserves, but they are there.  (Ignore  all those limiting beliefs, for now. And get writing.) Think big and be specific. If you could have anything, which you can, what would you want? Focus on the essence of the thing or the specifics – consider both.



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