18 Mar 2020

How to Get Unstuck

Sometimes I have trouble imagining the better life, that place where I no longer feel stuck. This is easier for some than others. I frequently have a hard time imagining the future I want for a number of reasons. I’m not the best at visualization. I don’t see a picture. I can sense it or feel aspects of it. I can describe it with words, or draw a very rudimentary (not impressive by any means) picture of what I’d like to see, but I can’t imagine the scene visually in my head (turns out that’s ok.) My other more pressing problem is that I have a difficult time committing to a vision. Ugh… what if I choose the wrong thing or it doesn’t turn out how I’ve imagined or it has unexpected negative consequences? And it would be all my fault. I’m a highly attuned individual (I don’t like the terms empath or highly sensitive.)  We worry, we feel responsible for others, and it can be hard  to commit. With that self awareness, here’s the thing that saves me, I think about life like a cosmic restaurant with exceptional service. I peruse the menu, place my order, and if a tuna melt arrives instead of the BLT I ordered, I send it back; unless it looks really good, then maybe I’ll give it a try. If the BLT comes, and it’s nothing like I expected, I can send that back too. Yes, sometimes it still makes me a little nervous. So I practice with smaller orders –  some fries or a salad. (I play with my power and practice owning it, knowing I can always change my mind and make a different choice.)

Getting unstuck 101: Tip 3

Imagine the desirable future – The sky is the limit here. The Force/Universe/Mega Energy doesn’t care if you want a penny or a Mack truck. And if you really want to hedge your bets, you can throw in a “This or something better” tag line. Tag lines are all the craze these days (This one bugs me a bit for some inexplicable reason, but you may like it. ) The key here is a combination of imagination, specificity, and flexibility. Pick a few things off your “I Want” list – you can start with one or choose a few (no more than 5 recommended) and start imagining what it would look like, feel like and be like to have them be true (true in the sense that you have them.) Sense the new reality, talk about it, write about it, live there for a bit, make a vision board if you are into those (me, not so much, no idea why.) Whatever mode you choose, settle in and stay awhile, let all your senses participate and relax into the new version of your life and the you who has all those wonderful unstuck circumstances, objects, and fulfilled desires.



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