11 Mar 2020

How to Get Unstuck

I’m a morning person, I’m social and I like to engage (talk.) I’ve noticed (because I’m paying attention) that I’m much more enlivened (less stuck) when I get out and about first thing in the morning. When I have an early, interactive activity it sets the tone for the rest of the day; it carries me through with momentum. And, there are specific requirements for the activity: I need to be purposeful, participating and connecting.  For you, it may be the opposite. I have a friend who enjoys nothing more than staying home, hunkered in and unencumbered, with no social obligations from Friday evening until Monday morning. I’d be so stuck emotionally, physically and spiritually that you’d have to peel me off the floor with an  industrial strength wedge. I don’t know if the devil is in the details, but the recipe for successfully unsticking is.

Getting unstuck  101: Tip 8

Know what floats your boat – Pay attention to which environments you feel the most enthusiastic in. Notice what types of engagements make you feel more or less stuck. What types of people, conversations, interactions, surroundings and activities inspire or depress you? Keep a mental note, or better yet, write it down. Unless, of course, writing things down makes you feel more stuck; then don’t! You may prefer to place all your best and most constructive thoughts into a pink bubble with magic fairies and send it off into the Universe, that’s kosher too. Pay attention to what works for you and then do more of it. Get to know yourself better, and to thine self be true!



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