9 Mar 2020

How to Get Unstuck

For me, it’s the sky. Looking up at the sky on a bluebird day fills me with a sense of joy and contentedness. If I were at the coast, it would be the ocean (my true home;) but because I’m “stuck” in the mountains, I find delight, groundedness, and connection in the sky. I look up at the bluest blue and let it fill my body, running through me and down into the ground deep into the center of the earth filling a great big blue sea and see my reflection and know I’m cherished. When we are feeling stuck, we often feel an erratic sense of being lost, frequently accompanied by a deep sense of loss. I’ve found just looking for something beautiful in nature, even on a grey or stormy day, spotting some majestic beauty in the sky, can give me a profound sense of peace and internal quiet.

Getting unstuck 101: Tip 11

Connect With Nature – Go outside and find the divine in nature. Look up, look down, look all around. It can be a mountain or a lady bug, a tree, a leaf or a pebble in the sand. If you can’t get outside, look out the window, and if you are stuck in a cubicle, pull up a photo on your screen. The beauty and unending miracle of nature is a constant in our chaotic world and its divinity is a dependable source of comfort and inspiration, exactly the qualities we need when we are feeling stuck.




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