7 Mar 2020

How to Get Unstuck

I often have a tough time getting out of my head. I spend a great deal of time in command central trying to figure out the problem and its solution. I’m a thinker, so naturally I want to think my way there – I want to think my way out of stuck, and stuck is having none of it. This is where trust comes in. You’ve got to trust your feelings in response to the new ways of being and doing. The new behaviors and activities that lead out of stuck may feel awkward at first, but you can trust them to have a rightness to them as well.

Getting unstuck 101: Tip 4

Try Things Out – You don’t have to know before you try something out. And that something can be something old or brand new. We change, the world changes; what was right yesterday, may not be right today. And you’ve got to get out of your head and onto the testing ground to find out. Honor your response to things, and notice if your response is positive or negative. Trust what feels right to be right (at least for now.) If it isn’t the right thing for you, it’s not the right thing – no matter how much you think it should be or other people tell you so.



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