6 Mar 2020

How to Get Unstuck

I’m from Cali, so I can chill with the best of them. I can frequently be found just sitting and thinking. But when I’m feeling stuck, that’s a different story. Then, I’m all alarms sounding, action seeking, problem solving mode, desperate for the answer, any answer, to solve this problem of stuckness and catapult me forward into satisfying action, or any action really, on my “right” path, or any path, doing something, anything, rather than sitting in this mode of stuck.  Well, sad news, turns out, the being comes first and then the doing. Seriously? Well, yes. Harsh news. On top of that, the being doesn’t mean just patiently waiting for the doing to start happening. It’s a subtle distinction.

Getting unstuck 101: Tip 10

Find the balance between being and doing – For the athletes in the crowd, think about the power you find while staying lose as you are exerting your strength. We all know you’ve got to buy a lottery ticket if you want to win the lottery; so it means getting off the couch, at some point, just maybe not right now. First, you’ve got to settle in, relax into, and be with yourself – connect with you. Then, and only then is it time to strike up the band. If we are out in front of our lives trying to make something happen without first being connected to ourselves, we will miss the connections that are sparking up around us to lead us to our next right thing.



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