4 Mar 2020

How to Get Unstuck

I am really good at helping people get unstuck. I am an exceptional collaborator, problem solver who, as of late, has found myself in a shrinking box of confinement, and it dawned on me that maybe my most recent adventure of getting myself unstuck (recent, but not short lived) might be useful in helping others get unstuck as well. For me, daily writing, along with meditation and exercise is a prescription I received from my masterful Chinese medicine acupressurist. She’s actually an acupuncturist, but I don’t like needles. This “prescription” she told me to consider as essential for my wellbeing of body, mind and soul. When I do it, it keeps me out of my head (where I tend to spin out when I get ungrounded) and in my body and heart. You too will need to figure out your own daily prescription, as a reliable part of your trusty tool box for getting unstuck. (It’s not a one time endeavor.)

Getting unstuck 101: Tip 7 

Stick With It – Be determined and dedicated to your right thing. Not too long ago, my sister accurately accused me of walking to Canada, reaching the border and then turning around and walking home (figuratively, of course.) The Notes from the Universe guy talks about setting your GPS for a specific address and the danger, and typicality, of turning around and going home a block before you get there because you don’t recognize your surroundings and falsely believe you must be on the wrong track. Point being, we often let ourselves down when we lose faith and give up on a goal too soon.




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