2 Sep 2016

“We Get Along Better When…”

Usually it takes two to tango; sometimes we dance alone, but we are always solely responsible for our steps. Most of our relationships involve multiple people. Although there are those exceptional relationships that are solitary – we have relationships with our environment, with nature, and most importantly with ourselves. At various times, we hear people say “You are 100% responsible for all of our relationships,” and often that can feel very confusing. “How can we possibly be responsible for another’s actions?” we ask ourselves. The answer is we can’t – that’s the 100% they are responsible for. The 100% we are all responsible for the elements we can control. And, it is always to our advantage (and those we are in relationship with) to be aware of what those elements and act consciously in accordance with our intentions and desires.

Here are some tips for actions we can take on our own to make our relationships more fulfilling and enjoyable. We Get Along Better When…We are personally content. We accept ourselves and others as unique individuals. We listen well. We use our manners. We use our words. We are respectful to ourselves and others. We care about the health and longevity of our relationships. We collaborate rather than compete. We are courteous. We are generous. We are forgiving, not forgetting. We are supportive and encouraging of ourselves and others. We are honest. We act assertively, rather than aggressively, or passive aggressively. We are motivated by seeking an equality of satisfaction regarding individual interests and mutual benefit, rather than seeking “fairness” as measured by receiving an equal amount of the exact same thing. We respect our authentic desires. We are kind rather than nice.



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