5 Sep 2016

Personal Manifesto Primer

We could all use a little guidance in becoming the fullest, most authentic expression of our authentic selves. So, here are a few elemental tenets to start thinking about and to begin operating from when engaging with the world. This approach is not only valuable for developing a true sense of our authentic selves, but when we come from a place of individual authenticity, a strong sense of self empowerment and confident, honest expression, we are far more likely to have successful and enjoyable social encounters – which translates into fewer internal and external conflicts and a whole heck of a lot more fun.

Let’s get started: Be honest with yourself and those with whom you deal. Set personal boundaries and make it a priority to respect them (This in turn will garner you more respectful treatment from others.) Try new and different things out to discover what you like and what you don’t like. As you figure out who you are, once you’ve got a pretty good idea, “TO THY SELF BE TRUE”

You can’t figure out who you are by sitting in a chair and thinking about it. You’ve got to interact, experience and assess. Be dedicated to attaining those things that are right for you. Trust yourself. Trust your responses to things. Your responses to the events of the world are what make you the person you are. Remember that just because something was a fit before, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a fit today. Let it be o.k. to like or dislike someone or someplace, even if you felt differently in the past.

We change, and circumstances change, accept what is true for you in each particular moment. Take the time to pay attention to what feels right for you and be vigilant in your dedication to honoring it, Practice noticing your responses to things big and small. Try not to be guided by what you think you should want and how you think you should feel in a particular situation and instead acknowledge what’s real.



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