16 Apr 2019

Habits and Traits of Highly Sensitive People

Are you or your child highly sensitive? Are you more aware of subtleties than others? Are you easily overwhelmed in crowds or loud and chaotic environments? Do you have a keen sense of smell? Do you cry easily and feel deeply? When you watch a violent movie scene, or hear about a medical procedure, do you feel the corresponding sensations in your body?

In this episode of “That Got Me Thinking” a thoughtful and thought-provoking podcast, Ellie Newman speaks with Dr. Ted Zeff, a leading expert on the trait of high sensitivity and author of numerous books, including, The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide. Listen as the conversation turns to what it means to be highly sensitive and how to take full advantage of this wonderful trait.

The highly sensitive person has been misunderstood for quite some time. Dr. Elaine Aron explains that in the past HSPs have been called shy, timid, inhibited, overly sensitive and introverted, but those labels completely miss the true nature of this trait. Today, the scientific community understands that the brain of a highly sensitive person (HSP) actually works differently, and 20% of the general population present this trait.

HSPs feel in deep and complex ways, are observant and detail oriented. They tend to be highly intuitive, pay close attention to what’s happening in their surroundings and have a rich inner life. Most HSPs have been told their entire lives to stop being so sensitive. But it just may be this heightened sensitivity that will save the world.



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