29 Apr 2021

Acceptance, Compassion and Commitment

“Increasing your psychological flexibility is not a one-and-done issue. Like creating healthy patterns of eating, sleeping, and exercising, it’s a one-day-at-a-time issue, and there is no better way to groove a daily habit of improvement than to keep a daily journal while you learn.” – says, Steven C. Hayes, PhD. originator of ACT

Dr. Diana Hill and Dr. Debbie Sorensen, cohosts of the Psychologists Off the Clock podcast and coauthors of ACT Daily Journal, lead you on the 8 week journey to get unstuck and live fully with Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. “Humans yearn for connection and belonging and our conceptualized self-stories prevent us from learning, experiencing intimacy and seeing our part in a greater whole.” – Dr. Diana Hill. With the daily journal as your guide, you will practice opening up, and the more you open up, the more freedom you will experience. And who doesn’t want more freedom? We can choose to get aligned with our values and live a life that reflects what is most meaningful to us. and this is our path to courage and fulfillment.





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