2 Jan 2017

Save The Drama For Your Mama!

Recent science tells us a little stress strengthens the immune system, keeps our brains active and operating well. A little stress can even help protect against various diseases. Studies show that our cells actually need a certain amount of stress to survive – If cells are left completely alone in a petri dish with no action at all, they die.  However, science also confirms that too much stress tips the scale the other way. Intense stress sends our systems into Fight or Flight mode, and that’s not a healthy place to reside. When our system is overloaded or experiences chronic stress our cells begin to deteriorate, literally.

There is a critical distinction to be drawn between stress and distress, and I’d venture to say the most important distinction to draw for healthy bodies and healthy relationships is the distinction between stress and ACTION! Our cells need action to survive and so do our relationships. Stagnation can kill an otherwise healthy cell or relationship, but so can too much conflict and drama.

We all need movement and growth in our lives. We don’t need distress. We don’t need drama. Drama is rarely ever constructive in any relationship. Sometimes a dramatic event can serve to shake things up enough to get our attention. But once your attention is captivated, let go of the drama and focus on what’s really going on underneath it. What is it that you want? What is it that you don’t want? What unproductive habits and patterns are you operating from? And what might be a more fun and fulfilling way to interact? Save the drama for you mama.

And don’t make me blog about you!



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