29 Aug 2016

Meeting People Where They Are

My family and I just spent the better part of a week with a huge group of friends – couples, families, and single folk. It was wonderful, and it provided a great many opportunities for relationship insights. The nicest insight was regarding our friend, Chris. My husband and I had been discussing what a nice guy Chris is, and my husband remarked, “He meets people where they are.” This is absolutely true, and it’s fabulous. He meets people where they are, wherever they are. And, because of this, he enjoys deep, eclectic and meaningful, longterm friendships.

The key to Chris’s talent is two-fold. First, he doesn’t have a set agenda as to who someone should be or where they must be to be met. Second, he doesn’t sacrifice or adapt himself to accommodate others. Chris meets you where you stand, and he arrives steadfast in his authentic self to greet you. This allows for an honest exchange and a true connection – and that’s nice!



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