21 Apr 2020

Life is Not a Test

Life is not a test to be passed; it’s an opportunity to be explored, experienced, and the perfect circumstance to express your multifaceted essence and grow to your fullest possible expression of yourself. Your job is for you to do you in each and every moment. That’s your purpose. There is no need to go searching, or to continue to question your life purpose at every juncture, because you’ve already been assigned a clear mission. The question is, have you accepted it, or are you fighting it, focused elsewhere,  and running from it at every turn? Have you been looking everywhere outside yourself for answers and direction, constantly seeking and following the trail of someone else’s path?

So, if finding our life purpose isn’t the quest, the impetus for our constant struggle, then what is? (Because I’ve certainly been struggling.) Well, now for the tricky part. The tricky part lies with our ability to remain fully on our unique, true path – to commit.  The path is right there; it always has been. You may not have noticed it before because it didn’t look or feel the way you expected, or you may have rejected it because it seemed subpar, not up to the standards you learned to appreciate and admire. But it’s been there and it’s yours. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to align with the generous, gentle urgings, internal prompts, that helpfully guide you (Yes, the mission came with a built-in, friendly, encouraging guide.) in the best direction of your path. The challenge we face is to listen, decipher,  trust, and follow.

Photo credit: Rostyslav Savchyn



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