9 Jan 2017

How to Feel Like You are Enough

Being enough plays a big part in getting what you want in life. So, as logic follows, being enough and believing you deserve good things is elemental in creating and experiencing satisfying and fulfilling relationships. Writer and life coach, Alan Cohen encourages us to ask ourselves this question, “If you knew you deserve what you want, how would you be approaching it differently?” Creator of Grey’s Anatomy and author of The Year of Yes, Shonda Rhimes suggests we ask ourselves, “What is it we are saying yes to in our lives that we may not be happy about?” (ie. being overweight.) And she suggests, once we have established how and why we are saying yes to that, we need to figure out exactly what it is we would need to start saying yes to so we can have the things in life we really want.

Today, I invite and encourage you to spend a little time thinking about being enough. Imagine what it would feel like to fully occupy the emotional state of believing you are enough. Consider the areas where you feel enough and those areas where you don’t. Start your imagination soaring by filling in the blank: “I am not (     ) enough.” Here are some sample thoughts to get you started.: “I’m not smart enough, tall enough, talented enough, young enough, athletic enough, brave enough, ambitious enough, cool enough, good looking enough, thin enough, or just plain ol’ good enough.” Notice how you feel when you say you are enough and when you say you aren’t. Which internal state feels more familiar, that of feeling enough or just missing the bar?

Next, for a moment, pretend. Pretend you are enough and ask yourself this question, “If I were enough, how would things be different – what would I want to have, be or do?” And finally, try pretending for an ever expanding string of moments throughout the day that you absolutely are undoubtedly, quite enough and notice what that feels like. Then grab onto that feeling with all of your might and hold on to it until you become convinced being enough is your true natural state, and then let go.



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