27 Jan 2017

Why Emotional Intelligence Trumps IQ

When it comes to personal and professional success, emotional intelligence is our biggest asset. Daniel Goleman’s research provides overwhelming evidence that emotional intelligence can be learned and is the biggest indicator of success in both the public and private sectors. Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, international authority in psychometric testing and personality profiling, confirms that studies consistently demonstrate the relevance of emotional intelligence for personal and professional success.

The overarching benefits of raised emotional intelligence include: reduction in stress, advantage in all work positions, improved health, advanced career achievements, superior entrepreneurial success, elevated leadership ability and comprehensive relationship fulfillment. All of this is evidenced by thousands of studies spanning the last last 20 years. And the best news of all is that emotional intelligence is not set in stone as one’s intelligence quotient is said to be. Emotional intelligence can be learned and raised through coaching and adoption of effective techniques. So get out there and elevate your EI! For the good of yourself, your community and humanity.



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