21 Oct 2016

You’d be Crazy Not To…

No, you’d have to be very, very brave! Because the message that is being fired on all cylinders when people tell you, “Everyone would…” translates as – “Anyone with a modicum of sense, who isn’t daft, stupid or crazy would. Anyone normal would, or at least they’d want to. Are you insane in the membrane? What’s wrong with you. Are you sure?” And it’s tough to hold your ground when you are being bombarded with how wrong you certainly must be.

The brave, trust what they want and don’t want, even if it’s inconceivable to everyone else in the world. And sometimes “everyone” includes you. It doesn’t have to make sense. You don’t have to know why or why not. Let’s deconstruct this “everyone” for a moment….News flash – there is no everyone, or anyone. We are all, every last one of us, individuals.

The good news is we all have our tribe out there of like-ish minded people, even if we haven’t found them yet. And the best tribe, respects, understands, honors and supports our choices even when they’d choose differently and think we are basically bonkers.

You simply have to trust. And the word simply is a misnomer, because trusting in the face of all that opposing opinion and logical reasoning is anything but simple. It takes chutzpah, cahones, guts and valor. It’s tough. But trust me, it will all work out so much better if you can get to a place where you trust what you want even when your motivation is inexplicable. You might even end up changing your mind down the road. But for now, flex those 1970s Assertiveness Training muscles – I’m o.k. You’re o.k., I’m …and I am lovable and just sane enough in wanting what I “alone” want.

So take a big step down the road to fully embracing your authentic self. Imagine you are stuck in traffic, and there are lots of routes to get where you are trying to go. Rationally the best way would be to take the east side thorough fare (Everyone thinks so.) and… But you don’t want to, you have a feeling to go the other way. Imagine there is a wise old sage standing on the top of a hill just to the north of the overpass who can see everything going on down there. S/he can see the construction, the roadblocks the open road, the traffic that isn’t visible from your vantage point, and know that what is right for you (for whatever reason, or no reason at all) is the right way to go!



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