21 Jun 2021

The Universe is Talking. Are You Listening?

What if this podcast was your sign? 

What if you could simply choose a different story and everything in your life that wasn’t making you feel happy simply fell away? What if struggling wasn’t actually the path to reaping rewards and it turned out not to be very noble or really necessary at all? What if you chose to tell a story where you were the master of your Universe and you could gear all of your thoughts and feelings in a way that would create positive transformations in all areas of your lives?

In this new story, what if the path to fulfillment, meaning and joy – the best life possible –  was simply to accept love and honor yourself where you are and to ask yourself what you need in each and every moment and then listen to the answer?

Ulla Suokko, in her practical guide to shifting your story, Signs of the Universe, invites you to play with the Universe and follow your signs to truth, peace, and freedom. You are already and always on your path. You can’t be anywhere else. So settle in and enjoy this miraculous ride. Learn to know yourself and find out what makes you feel better. Become acquainted with what you enjoy, what makes your heart sing and what energizes you. Live from a place of nurturing and love. Trade in all the seeking for a life of glorious finding. 

Ulla’s inspiring TEDx talk, “Do You See the Signs of the Universe?” has been viewed almost two million times!



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