26 Mar 2019

Skills for a Better Divorce and a New Path Forward with Susan Guthrie

Join host Ellie Newman as she interviews thought leaders across the globe in the thought provoking podcast, That Got Me Thinking. In this episode Ellie is joined by litigator, divorce mediator and Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast host, Susan Guthrie. Listen as the conversation turns to mediation and the skills needed to stay together or successfully break apart.

Susan Guthrie, Esq. with Rebecca Zung, Esq., is the host of a fresh inspirational podcast for anyone contemplating divorce, going through divorce, or healing from divorceAnd she is changing the face of divorce. She tells us, “It ain’t your momma’s  divorce no more, and you can move forward in a better way.”

Whether it be self-advocacy or negotiating skills, being supported and building up self-esteem and empowerment to create a level playing field for negotiations, and dealing with the fears around finance and divorce. Through mediation you are coming to the table moe confident to be able to be successful and make good decisions.

Susan Guthrie encourages clients to “Play out the movie.” Playing out different scenarios to see how it may work for you and discover possible solutions to achieve what you want to achieve for the future. Avoiding agreements that don’t have true foundation because they weren’t built on mutual understanding- thereby deteriorating the process and the relationship. You want an agreement you can both live up to, building up trust and integrity within the relationship rather than perpetuating the deterioration.

In Susan’s words, “You can put this all behind you. You don’t need lawyers and mediators to run your life or be a part of your life on an ongoing thing. You can do the work in the process and move forward.” And Susan shows us how.  She is truly transforming people’s options and the experience of divorce.

Divorce in a Better Way




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