15 Mar 2021

How is Your Spiritual Odyssey Going?

Turns out being fully human, maximizing our full potential and opening ourselves up enough to capitalize on the benefits of the full experience of a glorious life can be a daunting job – full of vulnerability, uncomfortable realizations and awkward pauses.

Psychologist, minister, and accomplished author Rollo May spent his life observing and reflecting on the sources of depression, anxiety, loneliness and powerlessness in himself and others. He then illustrated a road to authentic experience, free expression, creativity, the hidden power of personal responsibility, purposefulness and fulfilling community.

Robert H. Abzug’s Psyche and Soul in America: The Spiritual Odyssey of Rollo May is the definitive biography of the path Rollo May traveled from his youth until his death in his search for place, purpose and an authentic life. Abzug deftly chronicles May’s life, his contribution to psychotherapy through his introduction of Existential psychotherapy to American, as well as May’s creative accomplishments, including his most well known books, Love and Will, Man’s Search for Himself, Power and Innocence, and The Courage to Create. 

Based on uncensored access to May, his papers and original oral interviews, Abzug adds new dimension and insight to May’s exploration of what it means to live a spiritual life, be self-reflective, be free and add value to your community.

Psyche and Soul in America




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