24 Oct 2016

Cinque Henderson on Education and What the Black Lives Matter Movement Can Learn From our Founding Fathers

Journalist and author, Cinque Henderson, drills down on public education, funding, the perils of innovation, respectability politics, discipline, allies and Bob Dylan. As we find ourselves in the center of a burgeoning civil rights movement, Cinque asks the important questions regarding our current educational approach and system. Are we effectively serving the individual and the general population? What are the costs of keeping children in school when they are disrupting the system, and how is that same system failing these kids from underserved communities who need a safe, supportive environment more than anyone else to be able to realize their true capacity?

Mr. Henderson was a writer on HBO’s “The Newsroom.” His work has appeared in The New Yorker, The New Republic and The Washington Post. He has a new book on race and public education due out next year being published By St. Martins press.




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