12 Jun 2019

Change is a Destination, You’ll Need a Mode of Transportation

Grab your phone or computer and type in How to Change into Google and this is what you get: about 10,370,000,000 results (0.99 seconds)

Ponder Cheryl Crow’s song, “A Change Would Do You Good” and David Bowie’s “Changes.” Think about the challenges of change and the ever-present fact that even when we desire it beyond all else, we fight its coming tooth and nail. Contemplate the sometimes excruciating conflict that wages, external and internal, between status quo and imagined realities and the battles we wage with ourselves and others to hold back the tides of change.

In this episode of “That Got Me Thinking,” Ellie Newman is joined by empowerment expert, Kim Fulcher. Kim is a seasoned Silicon Valley executive and serial entrepreneur.  She’s the author of Remodel Your Reality™; Seven Steps to Rebalance Your Life and Reclaim Your Passion and the creator of the Get Your Groove Back ™ an on-demand coaching program for women.  She speaks professionally about empowerment, engagement, marketing and community culture, and runs a coaching organization that specializes in helping professional women succeed in their careers.

Kim offers practical advice for clarifying what you want, getting unstuck and effectively and efficiently facilitating change. She reminds us that we can’t behave in ways that conflict with what we want and still hope for new results. She encourages us to match our behavior with the goals we are looking to bring into our lives. She defines power as what you do rather than something you have or don’t have. And if you are serious about facilitating change,  you’ll need to use your power in practical ways – acquiring agency- utilizing your power intentionally to impact your life and shift it in the direction you desire.

Her advice is straight forward and achievable: To change, identify what’s working, assess what’s not working and then determine exactly what you want to have instead. There will be a number of things you will need to start doing and a similar number of things you will need to stop doing. Four simple steps will get you where you want to go: Acknowledge your Status Quo. Disrupt your current circumstance. Make adjustments toward your new destination.  And lean into your new normal.



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