29 Jan 2018

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Superwoman

“Bringing home the bacon, frying it up in a pan and never, never letting him forget he’s a man,” is a drag. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Especially, a truly superb woman – she’s got better, more important things to do. She’s got BEING on her agenda.

Janet Neal’s, part parable, part manifesto, The Superb Woman: It’s All About the Be, leads us from an unsustainable, unfulfilled Superwoman status to a happy and powerful Superb Woman existence. We learn to drop the people pleasing, good girl behaviors to uncover our true, innately powerful, superb self.

Neal tells us, “It’s not always a seamless journey…The realization of who you are and tapping into the innate power, gets you through the difficult times.” We just need to believe that it’s truly better on the other side and be willing to take the leap.

This leap starts with believing you have the right to feel happy, to BE happy, to make choices that may be difficult for others, and learn to stop giving away your power. We’ve got to face our overriding fears of change, the unknown and being held responsible for events gone badly.

When we make the shift to personal power, gratitude, self-forgiveness and a sense of truly deserving, we can retire our often unconscious  need to be accepted and liked over being respected and heard – thus making the trade from constriction to expansion.



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