13 Apr 2021

Removing Blocks

Our internal blocks offer up clues to building the bridges to move forward. They are signposts for us to stop and notice. They invite us to investigate and look for the clues as to what is keeping us from what we want and getting where we want to go. Rest here, explore, be curious. Go deep and look closer. Feel the dynamic tension that exists within these blocks and be grateful for their gift. Embrace the energy and intensity of the tension that resides in this space and ask a few questions: How are you serving me? What are you protecting me from? What are you afraid of? Where is the conflict of values or beliefs that reside within you? Look deep into the canyon at what is resting at the bottom. Shine the light there and the answer to what is needed to begin to build the bridge that will carry you forward will emerge, sparkling and calling you close.



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