16 Dec 2016

Know Thy Self

It’s a valuable thing to know yourself. The other day, as I was talking with a friend about my reaction to my husband wanting to put a hot tub in our side yard, she reminded me that I was just like my son. Our first response to a suggestion for change is often “No.” We tend to put the breaks on, and then explore the opportunities. I’m a worrier, and I often respond from a place of fear when confronted with an idea to try doing something different. I’ve got a vivid imagination, and I’m a trained attorney – I can quickly conjure up all the reasons why an idea may lead to unforeseen, negative consequences.

This isn’t necessarily a negative quality, but it’s important I recognize it in myself. It’s great when the people close to me understand it as well, but it’s not essential. My sister knows I don’t like eggs and fish together, and that makes me feel known and loved. But it’s ok if my intimates don’t know all about me, because I can tell them! I can remind myself in a situation that I tend to be a negative first responder, and then I can step back, give myself a minute, acknowledge that this is a little scary for me and proceed with a bit of caution, until I feel safe throwing caution to the wind.



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