7 May 2020

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

God, the Universe, your Authentic-Self, everything, is trying to get you there, where you want to be.  And your job is to not get in the way by halting the momentum with your “deaf” ears, inability to discern directions, contrary ideas about what you should and shouldn’t do, and your restricting beliefs about what you do and don’t deserve and how little good you are actually willing to have.

Your job is to listen, listen, listen. Your job is to perceive your internal promptings and then follow them in each and every moment. Your job is to open your receptive apparatus: your ears, mind, body and heart. Your job is to dismantle the blockades, to avert the detour signs and limit your time spent off the road at scenic lookouts (Unless you are really enjoying the view – in that case, by all means, stay as long as you like.)



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