1 Apr 2020

Embrace Your Instrument

The first step to living a happy and fulfilling life is accepting who you are. Try saying this sentence to yourself a couple of times and notice what comes up, “I Accept Who I Am!” Is it true? Do you? Do you accept yourself completely and like what you see and how you feel?

A lot of us go around wanting to play the “good” part in the symphony and feel frustrated and disappointed that we got stuck with the tiny, sucky part for the cow bell.  The problem is, if we are the Oboe player and all we can think about, and strive for, is playing the part of the trombone, we eff up the entire symphony. We spend our life berating ourselves for not sounding like the trombone, being able to do what the trombone does, looking like the trombone, and just flat out being the trombone.

The negative consequences produced by this line of thought and action are many. Not only do we spend our lives feeling terrible about ourself, never satisfied and never enough, but we’ve also deprived the symphony of the incredible notes of the Oboe. The symphony is incomplete and so are we.


Be willing to be who you are in all your glory.

Allow yourself to be led by your instrument.

Follow the score.

Know what you know and allow for what you don’t.

**Like any good musician you will need to practice. “I am willing to be who I am and go where God/The Universe is leading me, even if  it means change and feels incredibly scary.”



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