4 Jun 2016

Does It Fit?

“Does it fit?” is a riff on our old friend, the fun and powerful game of “This or That?” 

I had a dream last night I was trying to buy a swimsuit. It was long sleeved, white and sparkly. It had a beautiful neckline with lots and lots of bling and a pretty design across the chest. But it was tiny, teeny tiny. It was made for a child. Throughout the dream, I kept trying to figure out how I could make it work. How could I get this thing that clearly didn’t fit me to fit me so I could wear it? I thought maybe I could buy the children’s extra large size.  Maybe that would be big enough. Or, maybe I could just squeeze myself into it regardless of the tight fit, as ridiculous and unlikely as that seemed.

When I woke up, I thought about what that dream meant. At first I was confused, but then the metaphor hit me like a ton of bricks. The pun came to me as clear as day. The thing I was trying to get, the thing that I so desperately wanted, didn’t fit me! And in hind sight, it wasn’t even very practical for the purpose I was searching for. This pretty, sparkly, appealing thing, in no way fit me, my goals or objectives. It wasn’t “right’ for me, and yet I was spending all of this time, effort, energy, attention and stress trying to figure out a way to have it and make it work.

Sure it looked wonderful at first glance. Yes, it was beautiful, sparkly, alluring and enticing. And, it might be perfect for someone else, or even for me on another day or for another purpose – I could have bought it and hung it on the wall. But the most important question to ask in the midst of a struggle to attain something that doesn’t appear to fit, is “Does it suit you?” Does it fit? Does it fit who you truly are? Is it a match for your authentic self? 

And, if the answer is an obvious “No!” then turn your attention to something that does!



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