28 Dec 2016

Being Present

Today, I want you to practice being present. It’s an essential skill to master on your way to experiencing satisfying and thriving relationships.  It’s a critical tool to own, so you are able to accurately assess what is going on and what you want in varying situations.

In the ’70’s, the act of being fully present in the moment was coined, “Be Here Now.” And now, it’s referred to as, “Mindfulness.” Whatever you like to call it, the intention and the end goal are the same. Learn how to be fully present in the moment with a keen awareness of your internal and external experience.

On a recent trip to San Francisco, my daughter and I had gotten up at dawn. Tired and hungry, we arrived into town and headed straight to the ocean and food. We settled in at the warming hut in the marina for a hot drink and a snack. My daughter soon stretched out like a cat in the sun, lounging on a warmed concrete bench. After a few minutes soaking up the sun and the sea air, she said, “I’m going to lie here until it doesn’t feel good anymore, and then I’m going to get up. I’m going to spend my whole day like that. I’m going to do a thing until it no longer feels good, and then, and only then, I’ll move on to something else, but not before.”

And That’s how I want you to spend your day! Pay attention to what you are doing in the moment and how it feels. If it feels good, stick with it,  and if and when it doesn’t,  move on. Practice being present and let your feelings be your guide as to what’s next.

Post Script: If you don’t have the luxury of being the master of your universe at every juncture of your day – focus on what you are doing and notice how you feel in the moment (Then, imagine what you’d like to be doing instead.) The key is to become aware of your surroundings, the interchanges and your visceral experience. Pay attention and be cognizant.



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